Friday, June 02, 2006

"Clearing the air"

It would be good to clear the air and understand some of the basics of the "grant" process.  Basically speaking you must first find the grant program(s), read their guidelines and application instructions to make sure that you qualify.  Once you are sure that you qualify you can then submit your application.  the grants are awarded to those applicants that best fit the objectives of the person/organization that is funding the program.

If you are asking about me and my services  I find the grant programs that the individual or entity is qualified to apply for.  Take for example my latest completed research job which was for a single mother.  She is currently in school and wants to start a business of her own.  Doing 20 hours of research for her included a grant program that provides one award of $50,000 to a minority to start their own business.  Past recipients of this award were both women - one who used the award to start her own film company and the other that used her grant award to start her catering business.  Also included was a program specifically targeted towards single mothers especially those who are in bad financial shape and this program helps with paying back the single mother's student loan!  Now how many people know about THAT program?  Apparently not enough because if there were a lot of people that knew about this program - especially when it relates to helping to pay back student loans - then this organization would be inundated with applications but it is not.  I prepare all the information about these funding programs and 95% of the time the information about the grant programs are emailed to my clients - usually in zip format because the copies of the applications and other material(s) from the grant programs are also included - including as much contact information as I can find.  It is then up to the client whether or not they want a grantwriter to handle the work or whether they feel confident enough to do it themselves - but that decision is up to them.  Sometime the application process can be as simple as a simple "letter of intent/introduction" and a lot of people feel confident enough to do that on their own.  But again I leave that final decision to the client.

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