Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Selling For Others On Ebay.......

....I am thinking about selling for others on eBay. I don't think there is a place near me that does it so I would be the only one in the area. I just need to know a few things. How much of the money made goes to the customer and how much to me as the seller. What if something doesnt sell? does the customer pay all fees? And last but not least what types of items does it pay to do this for. After all, after all the time you spend making the pictures and listings and shipping the item do you realy come out ahead or do you expend too much time and energy for too little return?

Ebay has a term for this and its called "Trading Assistants".  Your idea doesn't sound like a bad idea but take it from the people that have replied to your post - it aint easy!

I had one woman who wanted me to sell her sports card collection on Ebay.  I see a similar set sold for $30,000!  Well I showed her that information and she was ready and willing to go BUT she didn't want to pay anything and she wanted to hold on to the cards until I got the payment.  Well my main caveat with that was that after I got the payment I would have to chase her all around to get the cards.  Mind you now its not her name on the account and its not her doing the work.  So to make a long story short I did not do it.

I recently made a brochure that I give out to anybody that wants me to sell their stuff on Ebay and in that brochure is the EXACT terms that I'm going to accept.  So I do suggest that if you want to do this that you do the same thing - write it out and then when someone comes to you wanting you to sell their stuff on Ebay - then BAM! - you give them the brochure!

If they balk you can simply tell them to try and sell it theirselves on Ebay.  That will give them a better understanding (and hopefully some respect) for what it is that has to be done.

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