Tuesday, January 17, 2006

"I Want To Start A Daycare ASAP!"

I want to open/start a home daycare, A.S.A.P.
I want to apply for grant.
Please tell me where to start!

Thank you for your email.

The first place that you should start looking for grants is your own locality.  You can start at the local level of your municipality to see if there are any grant programs for providing daycare services in your area.  You will also have to decide whether or not your daycare will be operated as a for-profit, non-profit or a combination of both.

There are daycare-related grant programs at a federal and national levels but if your own local area also has grant programs than you will have more that you can apply for.  There may also be certain aspects of your daycare that will qualify you for other funding programs such as providing "after-school type" programs, some kind of educational aspect and on and on.

It will all definitely depend on the type of daycare service you will be providing.  In some cases you can even find a grant/funding program that you can tailor your business to in order to qualfy for the funding program(s).  For example if you found an organization that had a grant program for helping to improve a child's math skills (or some subject that you are well acquainted with) then you could include such a program as part of your daycare services.

So the best place for you to start is with a general outline/business plan of the way that your business is going to be.  With this then you can start to find the grant/funding programs that you are eligible to apply for.

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