Saturday, January 14, 2006

"I Am Looking For A Grant........"

When you are "looking for a grant" there are some things that you are going to have to take into consideration.  Number 1 grants are not automatic meaning that you have to apply.  You are most likely to receive a grant when you best meet the guidelines and requirements of the grant program.  Going on your post specifically you have to know that theatre and theatre groups receive grant funding all the time so that makes it definite that there are such grant programs out there. 

You take your endeavor or project and figure out who best would it serve.  Know that the bulk of grant programs out there exist to bring a greater awareness to something and/or to help solve a problem.  How does that relate to your endeavor specifically?  Well since yours is a minority endeavor you should look into sources that are related to that minority.  What can you bring a greater awareness to?  How about those problems that relate to your minority - ie literacy, there has also been in the news a lot lately about illegal immigrants - how about telling their stories?  How about telling the story or stories of those of your minority that have achieve some kind of infamy (good or bad) and there is also the good old "standby" of offering some type of educational aspect to your endeavor.  The above are good for at least 5 different kind of grant programs that you are qualified for and can apply to.

One side note that I want to add is that it is not enough to just say that you have a endeavor and/or project and then say you want a grant for it you are going to have to show why you should receive such a grant.

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