Sunday, January 01, 2006

"I Need Grant Money To Help Me With My DayCare Business"

From my email box......


I am trying start a home daycare center and need grant money to help me out with my business. Could you please give me so info on grants for   small business for women, etc. I need an name and address so that I can write a proposal for a




Thank you for your email.

Number one it is not as simple as writing a proposal.  You have to know the guidelines and the requirements of each grant program you are applying to because no two will ever be the same.  Besides there are many grant programs that let you apply online - not all of them but some of them - and that doesn't mean that you should not apply to those that don't have such capabilities - you should (and can) apply to as many grant programs that you are eligible for. 

As for a name and an address once you start finding this information on your own you will see how much time and effort is required.

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