Friday, October 16, 2009

There Are Other Ways To Make Money Online Too!

I have another blog about taking paid surveys as another way of making money online. As a result of that blog, I found another site that could be used as another way to be able to generate some more income.

Another way that you could earn some money online would be for you to write some articles (yes, just like a writer!) and submit them online. There is one website that I am currently investigating now - actually I'm trying to register with them - that will pay you for your article submissions! Actually to break it down more accurately they have different types of payments. For example what they seem to be best known for is the fact that people can submit articles and you earn money the more that people view your article. Another payment option is that this site will pay you upfront for articles before they are published.

Unfortunately I'm having some problems with trying to join this site! I am about 2/3rd's away from completing the process to register but I'm having problems with this last step. I have already sent them an email to discuss the problem. They also have a fax number as well as a physical address and phone number that I can use to contact them as well.

If all goes well with this site I will let you know.

But this isn't the only site that is offering payment for submitting articles. There are others out there as well. The more legitimate they are - the better!


chicky401 said...

How did it go with the site, did you get to complete the registration? I have been writing articles for a company as well. You can earn a nice amount if you keep at it and don't give up. I think too many people are looking for the get rich quick and give up on a site if they don't get rich quick. Truth is typically legitimate sites take a little bit of working to get to where you want financially.

Rose said...

Yes I did send email to the site and they got back to me. Because I was having problems with signing in / registering they now want me to fax them my information and I'm at the point where I'm still deciding if it will be worth it to do so. I still haven't made a final decision on that yet.