Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Student Asks "How Can I Make Money?"

I was trying to answer a question online and the site went down in the middle of me trying to submit my reply so I thought that I would post it here:

How can a student make money?

I'm 15 a guy and a student.How can I make money without getting a job as such?

Because of your age your options are somewhat limited. If you want to receive money you are going to have to give something back in return.

Lots of people have been making money online but because of your age the way that you can receive payments is limited even if you do have a bank account.

There have been lots of suggestions as to how teenagers can earn extra money and one way is to start a dog-walking service. You'd be surprise at the number of people who want this service so that they won't have to walk their dogs theirselves.

You can also do yard work and another popular suggestion has been to start an errand service.

And since I am a Dream Job Consultant I should ask you what is it that you love to do? What is your Dream Job?

I even had one guy send me an email asking me how he could make $5K a month basically without doing anything. Well some work is going to be required but it is possible to make $5K a month online.

You should also do some searching online because there are lots of sites that have ways, suggestions and advice about how one can make money - both online and off.


Hire Service Professionals said...

Even students can now earn money online. They just need to know their skills and look for job related to it.

Rose said...

I agree with you 100%! In fact, I think that there are some students who are earning a lot more money online than some adults are earning offline now!