Saturday, September 19, 2009

The 3D Beginner?

I blogged before about being a 3D Beginner as I am learning about 3D designing. So far this has been a very interesting hobby for me but I do aspire to earn some money from it professionally one day. However I know that I am a beginner at this so I'm just having fun learning all the new things associated with 3D designing.

I have found lots of great 3D programs online for free and they are basically what I use as I practice my 3D designing.

This means that I have to learn the programs as well and obsessive compulsive that I am - LOL! - I'm learning the programs from scratch - meaning I'm reading the manuals and learning how to use all the "bells and whistles".

As I was going through one of my fractal programs, it occurred to me something that I could do to earn money - still beginner that I am!

I'm currently going through one of my fractal programs - UltraFractal - just going through the different formulas and what not to see what interesting designs I could come up with and to be quite honest I was getting kind of bored doing it - but if I wanted to see what kind of fractal designs I could come up with then I basically wanted to go through all of them just so I didn't miss anything. A little while later when I took a break from the computer it occurred to me that some of the designs I was coming up with might just be useful to other 3D designers! I mean I belong to and I have seen others selling designs too and I just now put that together!

Basically this is what I am talking about. As I go through the program and come up with some interesting design patterns others might like them too - enough to pay for getting a copy of them.

When I find an interesting design pattern I'll post it to one of my 3D-related sites or even my The 3D Beginner Blog so that if people like it enough to want to buy it they will be able to do so. All it takes is a website (or blog) where you can post a sample of the work and also for you to have a way for others to be able to pay for it - using something like Paypal.

Now this is a very good example of taking a program that you already have on your computer and using it to make something that could possibly earn you some income.

It also reminds me to point out that even though you may be a beginner at something doesn't mean that you don't have something that you could sell!

I have also posted other examples of how you can use a program already on your computer to make some money on my Dream Job Consultation Page.

Do YOU have a program on your computer that you could use to help you make some extra income?

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