Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Attention All Aspiring Singers, Songwriters and Artists!

I just read one of the most inspiring blog posts from a singer who is making her way in the world. She has CD's out and she is touring!

Many times I have advised those that want to be singers or actors that they have resources available to them that are right in front of them but they just don't see it!

There have been many aspiring artists who have decided to just pack up and move to Hollywood or New York hoping to have a career right away (and unfortunately a lot of them end up on the streets)

No matter where it is you live you have the makings of starting your own career as an artist. Just look at Myspace.com! MySpace even has it's own recording label! There have been some artists who have gotten recording contracts strictly on the basis of their music on their myspace page.

Computers have become so sophisticated now that one can record their own CD (and sell it!)

One of the things that fascinates me so is that one artist won a grammy for music that he produced entirely on the computer!

So if you think that it is hopeless to have a career in music then you should definitely read this blog article!

Comments Received

"You should post your singing talent at ~.com. (It) has many aspiring singers who are joining the website to show there (their) singing talents. It's like a Facebook for aspiring singers. Also read article on a internet magazine."

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