Saturday, September 01, 2007

Can You Make A Living From Blogging?

Again another very interesting article about being able to make a living by blogging!

I know a lot of people have often wondered if it was possible to be able to make a living from blogging and the answer is yes. But make no mistake - you definitely have to work at it!

According to The Adsense Consultant "almost any blog has the potential to make money regardless of what the topic is about!". In other words almost any blog has the potential to make money even if it is a blog by a single mother who is just trying to make some extra money all the way to a person who thinks that they have nothing to blog about. (How about starting a blog about having nothing to blog about? or how about starting a blog to complain about something that you don't like?) The possibilities are endless and even then they are only limited by your imagination!

So how do you make money with your blog? Well one of the best ways is to add Adsense ads to your blog. Again, here is a link to a blog post about how much some people have been making with adsense and the numbers will surprise you!

Of course adsense is not the only way to make money with your blog. You could start writing for another blog - there are lots of blogging jobs that are out there such as blogging for popular TV shows like "Ugly Betty".

There are also other Adsense-like programs out there although I'm only comfortahle with only a few of them! Ebay's Auction Ads seems like a very good prospect.

You can also get direct advertising for your blog and eliminate the middleman. For instance if your blog is about flowers then maybe you can get local flower shops to directly advertise on your blog in which they pay you directly to place advertising on your blog.

There have been some people that have gotten book deals because of their blogs! Others have given speeches and seminars and have even been asked to teach a class!

Of course I do realize that this will take some time but if you seriously want to be able to make money blogging then you are going to have to give it your time and effort!

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