Thursday, September 20, 2007

"My Area Has More People Than Jobs......"

"My area has more people than jobs...."

I have seen this posted many, many times and as someone that is a Dream Job Consultant, the first thing that crosses my mind is that there is a job opportunity even in that!

The first thing I think about when I see someone who has posted this kind of message is that this person either has access to their own computer or they have access to another person's computer. Now there are limitations when you have to work with someone else's computer but if you are using your own computer then you have a LOT that you can work with!

Number 1 you could start a free blog on and use your blog to talk about the issue of there being no jobs in your area. Once you have added a few entries to your blog then you can apply for adsense and then you can start to earn money and get paid for having advertisements that people click on on your blog!

But there is an even bigger picture here. Since this will be YOUR blog that means that you have control over it. You can post / blog about the issues that affect your area. You can think of this as your blog being your own newspaper or even publishing company! You are the reporter. You are the owner of your blog and you are the editor of your blog!

Where does the money come from? Well adsense is a great option to start out with first because they already have advertisers ready for your blog. This is much more easier than going out and soliciting your own direct advertisers. But once you have adsense ads on your blog you can also now start to solicit your own advertisers!

Visit The Adsense Consultant's Blog to find out more about the adsense program and to take a look at what some others had made using adsense.

But even with the above that doesn't stop your opportunities. You can also visit The Celebrity Blog List and read about Perez Hilton - a man who started his own blog and now has his own tv show!

There is lots that you can do with a blog to help it make money for you!

Take the fact that there are more people than jobs in your area and turn that into an opportunity for you - and hopefully for the rest of your community!

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