Sunday, August 26, 2007

Getting Paid For Answering Surveys Online - The Good, The Bad And The Ugly!

Here is an interesting website that someone told me about. You get paid for answering surveys. They give you $6 to signup. But you should be aware of some things. First off they have 2 payment options - you can either get paid via a check in the mail though it takes 4-6 weeks to get it or you can get paid via your Paypal account. That's why I thought of this forum because so many people that post here have a Paypal account. First let me tell you that you have to accumulate $75 before you can cash out and be forewarned that if you option to take the paypal option $25 will be deducted. So if you cash out at $75 and use the Paypal option then the company will take out a $25 fee and you will only get $50.

Now I did some research online and I found that the opinions of this program are about half and half. Some people complain about the program saying that they don't offer enough surves and there is are an equal number of people who have said that they have gotten their money.

So you can visit the site and decide for yourself. I joined it yesterday and managed to rake up $25 so far in my account so that means that I have another $50 dollars to go before I can cash out.

If any of you have a website or blog this program also has an affiliate program where you can add their banner to your site and you will get paid for those that sign up.

Now the reason I posted this here is because so many people have computers so taking a few minutes to make some money answering surveys does not seem like a bad thing. Also a lot of people here have posted that they have paypal accounts so why not make them work for you.

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