Sunday, September 17, 2006

A Recent News Story About Grants

A Recent Local News Story About Grants

I didn't even know about this in advance. I was just watching my local news and they had a story about a grants "scam". A couple received a phone call saying that if they paid around $300 they would get a grant for $5,000. Well the couple sent them the information (and the money) that they wanted and they haven't heard from them yet. Then the story continues with an interview with the district attorney and what he said was that the government WILL NOT call a person saying that they are eligible for a grant.
I just wanted to add my own 2 cents here.
Number one - A grant can't be guarenteed. You apply for a grant and you submit it along with anyone else that has applied for the grant. Theoretically speaking the application(s) that best meet the requirements and objectives of the grant program will be the ones that will be awarded the grant money.
So a good warning sign is when someone guarentees that you will get a grant.

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