Friday, September 01, 2006

Is It Worth It?

Someone emailed me and asked me was it worth their time (and effort) to look for any grant funding.  Of course my answer to them way yes.  Actually I was quite surprised by the question.  But I do understand that there is a lot of information about grants out there.  Some of it is good and some of it is bad.  Of course there are individuals and businesses out there that want to make a profit from it but what no one seems to realize is that these kinds of individuals and businesses exist in every kind of area there is.

As a matter of fact I encourage people to find this kind of information on their own because there is no better a way to know that these kinds of funding programs exist than to find out for yourself that they do indeed exist.

The only reason that I know that these kinds of programs exist is because I took the time and effort to find the information.  I have used this information to help both myself and others.  And while finding these kinds of funding programs I have found some very surprising ones as well!  There is a grant program to help people fulfill their dreams!  There are numerous grant programs to help people who are having problems paying their mortage, their utility bills and there is even a program in my area that helps with low-cost loans to those who need to get a car for work.  There is another grant program in my area that provides a $25,000 grant for home repairs!  I didn't find this grant program - it came to me in the mail!  I did check it out though and it is very, very legitimate. 

Don't get me wrong you should investigate every program that you find to make sure that it is legitimate but I have been doing this long enough to know that there are legitimate grant programs out there and they are awarding both individuals and businesses and organizations a LOT of money.  One of my pages talks about how "Planned Parenthood" gets sooooo much grant money.  You should read it!  It might just surprise you!

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