Friday, September 29, 2006

Do You Have A Paypal Account?

If you do you are going to have to be very careful! This has nothing to do with Paypal itself (I don't want to scare you). This has to do with getting email from someone (or something) claiming to be Paypal. You'll get this email saying that it is a very important matter or something like "someone" was trying to use your paypal account or a dire sounding message which is similar. The email supplies a link that you can click to "go to your Paypal account and verify its usuage". DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK! Run your cursor (but do not click the link) over the link to see if the link's web address shows up. If it does take a very good look at it. You might notice that the link doesn't go directly to Paypal - it goes to somewhere else and that is when you should feel a "red flag" warning. I repeat - DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK! If you do and you go to a webpage that asks for your account information and you enter that information then you will be giving someone else your account information and they can use that information to get into your paypal account! Here are some good (and relevant) links:

How can I protect myself from PayPal fraud or scams? - PayPal - PayPal is dedicated to fighting fraud and scams. ... A PayPal scam email may include the salutation "Dear PayPal User" or "Dear PayPal Member" ...

PayPal Email Scam - Web Site Version - Prevent and detect identity fraud at Fight Identity Theft.

About Scams, Urban Legends and other False Information PayPal Scam - PayPal account holders have been receiving an email that says someone has paid them money. The name usually used is......

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