Monday, September 04, 2006

The One Thing That You Are Going To Have To Understand About Grants Is....

that there is no one grant program for all needs.  For instance there is no one daycare grant program that is available for those looking for daycare-related grants.  There are many factors that are going to be involved.  For instance is your daycare a non-profit, a for-profit or a combination of both?  Is your daycare in the home or outside the home?  What do you need the grant money for?  Will it be for equipment, starting a specific kind of program or do you want the grant to pay for your daycare building?  Where will your daycare be located?  In some areas the need for daycare is so great that they have programs where both non-profits and for-profits can apply.  Are you in one of these areas?  Who will your daycare be for?  Will it be for toddlers, older children, special needs children?  What kind of programs will you be offering?  Some daycare-related grant programs provide grants for providing certain types of programs.  What hours will you be operating your daycare?  Some daycares have received grant awards because they operate during non-traditional hours.  One daycare got a grant because they operate 24 hours a day!

So you see its not a simple case of applying for a grant because you want to start a daycare.  It is a case of what kind of daycare you will be operating.

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