Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Business Idea #072006 - Single Mom? - How About Starting A Single Mom Newsletter

What is something that you have experience with?  Raising your children.  It may be something that is so close to you that you might not have even thought of it as something that you could turn into a business.

One of the pieces of advice that I strongly agree wtih is that if you can find a need you can turn that need into a business.  As a single mother I'm sure you're acquainted with other single mothers right?  What do you talk about?  What do you complain about?  Do you know that you can start a blog about being a single mother and your experiences with it?  Allow comments from other single mothers.  I suggest a blog because you can start one for free and with your blog being on the Internet people from all over the world will be able to read it 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.  Now you may ask how your blog could bring you an income and there are ways to do that.  However I'd like to say that you should go into your blog with a specific goal in mind and that is the most honest reason which is you're relaying your experiences about being a mother.  People read blogs all the time and of course that brings up the question of getting traffic to your blog which is something that you can do with the least amount of expense (at the beginning).

I'm only assuming here but I'm thinking that you want to be able to work at home to be with your children and if you can do that using your computer that would be something that you want.  You could start a single mothers' newsletter type of thing.  And since one of your main concerns will be earning an income from it that is where your main concern will lie.  How does one earn an income from a newsletter?  Advertising and subscriptions.  In order to get advertisers interested your newsletter should draw interest.  For instance single mothers are always concerned with needing a babysitter or childcare so who in your area offers that or who would like to advertise that they offer that.  To make your newsletter even more of interest to potential advertisers you could start a review section.  You have to shop right?  Where are the best places?  Where can you get more bargains?  Etc.,  You can also provide an offline version of your newsletter to those that don't have a computer.  And in order to gain a subscription base you can offer a free version of your newsletter - of course included with the information of how they can become subscribers.  You can include a "Question & Answer" section - like being a "Dear Abby" for single mothers!  People will read it and people may see a reason to want to advertise in it.  What about Ebay?  Do you have something that you could sell on Ebay?  What about others that may have something to sell and you can act as their seller?  You can add this information to your newsletter?  People oft-times have things they may want to sell and if they see how well others are doing on Ebay they may want to sell their stuff more!

Now you may say that you don't know anything about Ebay and my answer to you would be to LEARN!  It isn't rocket science and it is a way to earn an income from your home - meaning you being home with your kids.  And if you sell for others you will increase your income more.  As a matter of fact you don't even have to use Ebay you could start "selling" from your newsletter.  Say someone has something they want to sell and they advertise in your newsletter.

Having a newsletter online may seem scary.  So how do you make it less scary?  You create it offline first.  Decide on a layout and make that layout a constant in every subsequent newsletter.  Then you can put it online.  What do you do next?  You build up your reputation - or I should say your newsletter's reputation.  Give a free printed version to your friends - build by word of mouth - which is the best kind of advertising.

This is something that you can do at home, something that you have experience with and something that you can have fun with.  And I won't even go into what you and/or your newsletter can evolve into - like publishing for others and on and on.....

By the way you mentioned catering, as a matter of fact you mentioned other hobbies like crafts - how about including receipes in your newsletter (yours as well as others) - you can even do a contest - people are always interested in that.  You could build your denim ideas into your newsletter - that's what Martha Stewart does - she "hawks" her wares on her TV show - so why not do the same in your newsletter? 

Starting a newsletter is a very good example of a business that you can start at home so that you can be with your children.

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