Saturday, August 19, 2006

Starting An Organization To Help Musicians?

There are organizations like this that already exist in the US - that offer help to struggling musicians.  They do have their requirements though - but since you're talking about starting one of your own - I'll address that.

First, since you are talking about starting up this kind of organization does that mean that you haven't started it yet?  In other words what I'm trying to find out is whether or not you have your non-profit status?

Organizations such as these will solicit donations and have fundraisers in order to raise the money that they in turn use in grant programs to help others.  There is also one very important piece of stragedy that these organizations do to help with the maintaining these funds which I will not mention here - but I will say that when you do start a non-profit organization and especially when you are working with funding(s) it would be best if you treat it like a business and do the "business-like" things to maintain it.

Now as for programs that offer grant awards to music-related organizations there are such programs available - every thing from children and music to seniors in music and mostly everything in-between.  However if you are going to apply for these fundings - unless they state otherwise - you will have to get your non-profit status in order. Some grant programs allow you to apply while you are seeking non-profit status but they have to have proof that you are doing so.

As for grant programs that award grants to those that are for-profit there are programs available that you will have to look into further because it will all depend on how you submit your application.

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