Saturday, April 30, 2005

Pre-Movie Review - The Relic.....

When I post a movie review I like to compose it offline first instead of just typing it while I'm online. But this movie came on today and the subplot line about grants.....oh well then you know I have to talk about THAT! So this isn't my main review sort of like an added footnote.

I have always been fascinated by certain buildings like museums and zoos and the like and kind of knew somewhere in the back of my mind that they needed and were spending more money than what they got from being open to the public and this movie reminded me of it. We have people that work at the museum who rely on grants and funding like in the case of one of the main characters who relies on the grant to continue her work. And what is her work? Well (as far as I can get it) she has found a way to break down the composites of things that have multiple (for lack of a better word) composites. This of course would be very helpful in areas relating to science and even crime analysis!

From what I get from the movie she has already received the grant but must apply for it on a regular basis as it is also the way she pays for her staff. This brings out some good points about grants.

  • just because you were awarded a grant one year doesn't mean that you will automatically get it the next year. You will have to apply for it every time that you want it. In this movie she finds that a fellow worker will also be applying for the same grant that funds her work - which brings up another good point
  • you can always apply for more than one grant and people do just this such a thing!

One of the things that I didn't get was that she was preparing to speak in front of the people who are the grantors - a process that I thought was done by applying the regular way. Of course if I'm following the movie correctly this wouldn't be a government grant but one that is being funded by some kind of foundation.

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