Friday, August 31, 2012

How About Creating Your Very Own Podcast!

I am sure that I mentioned many times on this blog about podcasting. What is podcasting? Well it's like having your own show on the Internet.

How do you create your own podcast? Well it's kind of simple really! What you do is record your show the way you want it to be and then you upload it to one of the free podcasting sites and there you have it - your own show! Of course you have to read the guidelines of the free podcasting site that you are using because on some of them you can't use copyrighted music - so check their rules first.

What can I podcast about? That's the beauty of it because you can podcast about almost anything you like! I recently created a podcast for where I live:

LaMott Podcast

How Can You Make Money With Your Podcast? Well the most obvious answer is that you can sell advertising time on your podcast - just like they do at radio stations! The more popular your podcast the more potential for more advertisers who will want to advertise on your podcast.

The tools you'll need should be relatively simple and most of the tools you will need should already be a part of your computer. You just need a microphone, a way (program) to record your show and since the most acceptable upload format is .mp3 you will need a program that will convert your show to an .mp3 format.

You'd be surprised and amazed at the number of topics that are on the Internet in the form of podcasts.

If you're feeling nervous or anxious or are just feeling afraid to try, then you might want to take a listen to some of the podcasts that are already out there and then you will see how it can be possible for you to have your very own podcast!

Who knows? You might even become a star!

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