Tuesday, January 27, 2009

You'd Probably Be Surprised At The Kind Of Clients You Can Get!

Okay! You have a computer and you would like to work from home BUT you don't know what you could possibly do?

Well the mere fact that you have a computer of your own at home is a very big PLUS!

Of course I hope that it doesn't surprise you that not everyone has their own computer. Even more interesting is the fact that even though some people do have a computer they are still willing to pay other people to find information for them!

Here is a good example!

I have a client which is an older woman who pays me to find the cheapest airline flights for her. She is a former co-worker and I still see here often and when she found out that I was a computer nut she asked me to find her some cheaper airline fares. Now she does have a computer of her own but for reasons of her own she would rather have someone else find the information for her. (And in this case that someone else just happens to be me!

You never know where a possible client can come from!

Comments Received

LivingAtHome said...

Excellent post and blog, all in all. I just started a blog on this subject as well, and I too felt myself compelled to mention the possibilities of just owning a computer right away in my first post. :)


SGK said...

Hi Rose,
Thanks for leaving a comment on my website. You have some great advice here. I agree the best data entry or for that matter even research jobs are better paid if you are a freelancer.

Rose said...

Thanks for the compliment!

Unfortunately some people do want the security of still being able to work for someone else.

I just posted on my Financial Basics blog about the top 10 Scams Of 2008 and unfortunately one of them are the "Working From Home" scams.

ChristinaT said...

Hey Rose,

You make a great point that I think many people who work from home tend to overlook... and that is to grab a sale whenever and where ever you find it...

I will personally never limit myself to any one niche because I figure if it is something I can do I might as well see if there is a customer for it...

Keep doing what your doing because I think your giving lots of people something to mull over...

Great work

Hope to see you on my site sometime

Christina T.

Rose said...

I'm currently reading "The Secret" and it says that the possibilities that are out there are only limited by one's imagination!

While I am learning about the importance of having a niche, I also too believe that one shouldn't limit theirself.

BUT don't spread yourself too thinly!