Thursday, February 05, 2009


This is one of my favorite TV shows! Initially I started watching it because I am a big fan of David Boreanaz (and yes I'm a big "Angel" and Buffy The Vampire Slayer fan too

But as I started to watch the program I grew more interested in the main female character. (and its supposed to be based on a real-life woman). The reason being is because she is good at what she does - so much so that she has become wealthy by getting her own book deals - and yes this does happen in real life! Also since she is so good at what she does people (and the government) seek her out because of her expertise!

Now I know that this is only a TV show but it does have some similarities to real life in that it shows a great example of someone who loves what they do and who have managed to make a good living at it.

Now "Bones" may not be your sort of thing but it does illustrate a good point - the one I mentioned above.

I also watched "Hell's Kitchen" with Gordon Ramsey - another example of someone who loves what he does and has managed to create a financial empire from it!

I was reading an article from my local paper about a guy who enjoys running. He started at the age of ten. Now in his 50's he has already written 2 books!

All of the above examples, great examples of those who love what they do and have managed to earn money from it!


Ryan Biddulph said...

Hi Rose,

Great post. I believe that we were all placed on earth to live out our passions. We were meant to profit handsomely through whatever service we provide to others with our passion. On the creative plane of thought this is possible for every person.

The one thread between all people who make a living from their passions is that they got definite in setting their goals and stuck with it, no matter how many people told them that they were crazy or foolish or that they should get a real job. These people are too scared to face the obstacles that those who start their own business are likely to face.

By the way, I am also a big Buffy fan, but for Sarah Michelle G :)

Thanks for your insight.


Rose said...

Thanks Ryan

I have been noticing this a lot lately! Look how passionate Barack Obama is about his country and look where he is today!

I was watching a show on the TBN network where a singer gave one of his CDs to a flight attendant to cheer her up and she in turn gave that CD to the music director of Billy Grahams Ministry and now that singer sings with that Billy Grahma ministry!

I think that even though people with passion have managed to reach their goals (and sometimes even beyond that!) it hasn't been without "scary" and moments of self-doubt times.

I just finished reading an inspirational book by Les Brown and even with all that he has achieved he still talks about and shows examples of those times when everything wasn't going 100% right - which I think is good advice for those who are struggling in that it helps them to know that others had to face struggles as well but they overcame them!