Monday, January 12, 2009

"The Top Ways To Make Money in 2009!"

Here is a link to an online article that lists over 10 ways to make (more) money in 2009.

Some of the suggestions might seem obvious - but maybe only obvious to some. I won't give away all the details of the article but I will mention that one of the suggestions stood out (to me) because its something I hadn't even thought about.

Did you know that there will be another census taken by our government to count the population (again)? And of course they are going to need census takers.........

Of course this wouldn't be a "work at home if there wasn't some mention of being able to do something that you can do working from home and this online article does mention a couple of ways.

So I hope you enjoy the article and I hope it gives you some ideas!

Comments Received

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Joel said...

There are a few interesting idea's in there, starting a business or getting an additional job are always good, however there was also some rather speculative idea's as well. For example buying shares or houses that have been foreclosed, could lead to a risky way of adding to your income, without knowing which way the market was going to go.

Smita said...

You have excellent content on you blog. Kudos !

Liara Covert said...

This blog eaches people that they may be limiting themselves by assuming a way does not exist. You encourage people to realize they are actually "can-do people!"

erik burkhardt said...

Your blog is without a doubt one of the most informative and helpful blogs out there. I truly appreciate your content. I am always trying to look to improve my knowledge and strategy to make my home business stronger. The truth is anyone can work from home if they are willing to put in the time and effort and I always try to tell the people who join my program that. I am never disappointed when I come here. Thank You and Keep up the good work

Jo said...

There are some good suggestions there. #2 Tech Frugality. I have always taught my children "frugality", and still buy fresh veges and blanch and freeze them. #7 Training for a New Profession. There exists a critical shortage in nursing, therefore it might be a good idea to train for the medical profession. For the moment, it appears to be recession proof.

Rose said...

Thank you everyone for commenting on my blog. I'm glad that you find the information useful and helpful.

I always thought that real estate investing was a risky business - especially when you rent it out to those who later don't pay. All the things that you have to go through legally.

But still some swear by it and I can see where it has some merits but personally for me - at least in these times right now where people are losing their homes I just don't see any merit in taking advantage of that! But like I have said others swear by it.

Besides, there are lots of other suggestions given as to other ways that people can make money and hopeful one of the ideas may appeal to someone enough that they will want to try it.

Cheryl Coldiron said...

Awesome blog with good practical info and no hype!!!!