Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Blogging Jobs Are Becoming VERY Popular

The Blogging Explosion!

There is just no other word for it! Blogging has become an explosive thing! While reading another blog, the topic of blogging jobs came up! Do you know that there are actual companies that will PAY you to blog for them? I have seen some of these "blogging" jobs posted and some of them are from TV shows. I saw one blogging job posted for the tv show "Ugly Betty"!

But it's not just tv shows that are looking for bloggers. There are companies and businesses that are looking for bloggers too but they don't have the staff that are experienced with blogging so that's where YOU can come in.


Liara Covert said...

Blogging as a sustainable job is certainly a new fad. More people blog and make money part-time, yet society might also question the impact on relationships. More people on and through computers mean fewer people may be communicating with real people. Whether or not this is a good thing is subjective.

Rose said...

You know I can understand where you are coming from but unfortunately I'm kind of see "dollar signs" in my head because if one can make a living (an actual amount that one can live on) by blogging I think that it warrants spending some time at the computer although if you are earning income from it then it can be and is considered a real job at which you have to spend time at anyway.

I know its not healthy to spend all of one's time at the computer but I also know that all of one's needs can't be met by the computer so interaction with others has to happen - I hope!