Monday, November 06, 2006

Movie Review - Lara Croft Tombraider!

I'm all for independent women and this is certainly one! Lara Croft (as potrayed by Angeline Jolie) is gorgeous, smart and rich! Her father was an archeologist and she seems to have taken on the business after her father's death.

The reason why I'm mentioning this movie is because I had a chance to see it again and I was reminded of why I like this particular movie. Number one that place that she lives in is gorgeous! I especially love that bathroom and the reason why it stood out for me is because I want one just like it! Now you may be asking yourself what this has to do with business or working from home or even grants. Here is my answer(s)

  1. Carrying on a father's business - do this sound familiar? Do you know of anyone (male or female) that has taken over the family business? What about you yourself? Are you a part of a family owned business? What about starting a family owned business? What about starting a business that has to do with families? For instance there is a market for helping people find out about their family roots or geneology. You could start a business researching this information for others. It's the kind of home business that you can start and do from your home researching on the internet and even going out to find specific information for others.
  2. Archeology - It may seem like a boring topic but there is a LOT of interest in it and as far as it being grant-related there are grants for archeology-related endeavours.
  3. Lara Croft - Did you know that there is a newsgroup that discusses this movie and character? How could you turn that into a business? Lets say that you are a fan of the movie. If you make jewelery you can design specific pieces relating to the character and the movie. (However I should note that (of course) the Laura Croft movie and character are copyrighted items so you can't do things like sell images of the character unless you have permission.) There are many fan websites on the Internet and some of them have managed to make a living from their website. So if you are a fan of a specific thing you should seriously consider putting up a fan website!

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