Monday, November 27, 2006

Are There Any Grant Programs For My Mother To Start A Pet Business?

There are grant programs that fall under the category of entrepreneurial grant - meaning that they are grant programs that are specifically geared to those wanting to start a business. These kinds of grant programs are available on a national, state and local basis however a LOT will depend on the specifics of the business. For instance I know of a grant program for aspiring entrepreneurs who are a minority and under the age of 35. That grant program awards $20,000 and the award goes to more than one winner. In this case you have to be a minority and under a certain age. All of these grant programs are like this - SPECIFIC!

Another thing is that you have to understand the whole grant process thing. Just because you apply for a grant does not mean that you will automatically get a grant. Theoretically speaking the grant application submitted that best meets the objectives of the organization awarding the grant will - theoretically - get the grant award.

What your mother will have to do is to tailor her grant application for the individual grant programs that she is eligible to apply to. A lot is going to depend on the kind of business plan that she has. Entrepreneurial-type grant programs are most often awarded by foundations and big businesses and corporations so that will be a good place to start to look. The federal government also has grant programs that are "open to all" and/or open to businesses to apply so you can check for those programs at their website.

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