Friday, November 24, 2006

Grant Programs For Individuals?

Are there grant programs out there for individuals? Of course the answer is YES! For example there was a professor who, at age 64 received a grant award of over $100,000 that had no strings attached (meaning he could spend the money any way that he wanted) simply because of his love of books. Technically this grant is called a fellowship but the award is for individuals of outstanding talent to further continue their endeavors and they don't have to be affiliated with institutions which means that they can receive it as an individual. This grant is open to scientists, artists and even businesses people and entrepreneurs to apply!

There are no credit checks involved. It doesn't have anything to do with what your credit report score is and this is not a loan. It is a monetary award that you can spend in any way that you want. And like I have said many, many times before these kind of grant programs have an objective in mine. In the case of this grant program the objective is to help encourage creativity and education.

So there are "grant" programs of this sort - in this case provided by a foundation. So in spite of what the so-called experts say there are grant programs out there for the individual!

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