Sunday, October 08, 2006

Scholarships/Grants For A Disabled Single Mother Wanting To Continue Education?

I am a single disabled mother living in a small town. I have just returned to college here and plan to graduate in spring of 08 and transfer to the University of Bakersfield. Are there any scholarships that I could apply for and is there something that would help me catch up on my heating bill and get me a good computer? My email address is K~. Just in case you needed to know my major is social science. Thank you.

I will address your first question. Time and time again I have noted on both pages about grants and grant-related information about the availability of grants/scholarships and funding for those that are disabled, single working mothers and or those wanting to continue their education. The answer to your question is "Yes" there are scholarships and funding that you can apply for. As a matter of fact the number of funding programs that you are eligible to apply for increases because of your disability and the major that you have chosen. I know for a fact that there is an organization devoted to helping single mothers and will even help in them paying back their student loan. I found out about this organization when I was finding grant programs for a client who is also a single mother. And this is just one of many programs.

You have to understand that these funding programs (including the scholarship programs) were put in place to help fill a need. In your specific case the fact that you want to continue your education in the field that you mentioned above is one of the reasons why there are scholarship programs at all.

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