Thursday, October 26, 2006

No 2 Grant Programs Are Alike!

Unfortunately that is not entirely true.  A non-profit daycare does not have to be funded by the government.  As a matter of fact there is one grant program for non-profit daycares in one area of California that has 4 different grant programs for non-profit daycares.  Basically speaking non-profits are so named because their objective is not to make a profit but to reach their goal whether it be saving animals, providing daycare or bringing a greater awareness to a specific medical condition.  Very good examples of this are the fundraising events and volunteer work that is constantly being done.
My personal opinion is that it would be smart to operate your daycare as a combination of both a "for-profit" and "non-profit".  The irony of operating as a non-profit is that if you don't generate enough funding you run the risk of going under.  The same thing is true for for-profits as well. 
Another misconception is that grant funding can only be had by government programs, which is yet another myth.  There are many organizations, foundations, groups, businesses and individuals that have grant programs.  There is also a small but growing trend in the belief that for-profit businesses can serve in the "non-profit spirit" - which means that more (at a slow pace) grant programs are being made available to for-profits so that they are eligible to apply.
I would say that 6 months is a good average time period to expect to receive a grant reward.  BUT I want to emphasize that word "average" because like I have said many times before no two grant programs are alike.  I have dealt with one grant program that took only a few days to provide the award.  There is a grant program that provides a $500,000 grant award to help people "pursue their dreams" - but it is not paid out all at one time - it is paid over a period of years.  So again no two grant programs are alike.

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