Friday, May 05, 2006

Will you do FREE work for me?

Well I have been trying hard and been to a seminar and couldn't afford to pay $1200.00 dollars up front. I am a serious minded person. I am not trying to be funny when I say this but if I wasn't serious I wouldn't be asking for help and if I haven't been trying hard to find a grant I wouldn''t be asking for help. If you have been in my shoes sending letters here and there and being turned down because they don't do grants for what I am asking for. I have sent out plenty and still haven't had any luck. if you can point me in the right direction I will continue on if you don't want to help me.

It is obvious to me that you want to use my services but do not want to pay for them.  I have come upon this situation before and as per my website I advise all of those that want the information about the various grant programs that are out there to do the research themselves - that way they will know and be aware of the time and effort that is required to find such information.

And, again, unfortunately, it doesn't matter how many times you have said that you have tried or how many places you have tried the fact still remains that these grant programs are out there and you just haven't found them yet.  I know this because I do this for a living.!

You will definitely have to find the information for yourself or find an individual or agency that will find the information for you at no charge.

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