Wednesday, May 03, 2006

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I am trying top get a grant to build a foster home/day care. I have been seraching the internet and come up with all these sights you have to pay to get a grant. I have taken the classes and and everything and need a bigger house to take in more than two kids. I want to be able to take in at lease five or six so that's why I need a grant to build a bigger house. I am serious about the is because there are alot of children around here that is bouncing from one house to another. I want to build a big house so once they get to me they will stay as long as they want to stay because I will have the room. I want to make my home day care into a day care center and need a grant to build a day care center of my own. Please help me get a grant for my business and a housing grant to build a bigger house to make it a foster home.

Thank you,

You list what you want but you haven't said what you have done so far to get a grant.  Since I do this for a living I can tell you that there are grant programs out there that you can qualify for.  But if you don't take the time and effort to find them then you are not going to get any.

You complain about how the sites that you have gone to want money.  Why do you think that is so?  You will know the answer to that when you start looking for these funding programs yourself.

Editor's note:  Upon looking at this email I see where its posted that "the sites you have to pay to get a grant" - unfortunately THAT should tell you something right away!  No one can guarentee you a grant.  You have to apply for it just like everybody else.  The application that best meets the needs of the organization awarding the grant will be the one that is awarded the grant.

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