Wednesday, May 24, 2006

"How Do I Get Grant Money To Help Pay Off Bills?"

Well first it will depend on what bills you are talking about.  There are programs that are available to help pay rents or mortgage payments that have gotten behind, help with utility bill payments and some home repairs!  Some of these programs are complicated and some are not.  For instance I helped a client get a $100 payment applied towards their heating bill.  All it took was a phone call, faxing them a copy of the utility bill and the payment was applied to the heating bill within two weeks!  Another client of mine hot a brand new heating system because their's was too old and beyond repair.  The heating system and the installation were both provided for free from a program that provides grant money for just this kind of thing.  There are also grant programs that provide emergency financial assistance as long as you can demonstrate need.

Basically what you will have to do is simply find the programs that you are eligible for.  You can do this by searching online or even by going to your local library.  About 90% of all the grant information that I have found has been online.  You can even apply for some of these programs online!

So to answer the question: You have to find the funding/grant programs that you are eligible for, find out their application procedures and then apply for the funding.  Remember that this funding is not guarenteed and the more your application fits in with the organization awarding the money the better chance you stand of being awarded the money.

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