Saturday, February 18, 2006

"Where can I go to find grant information?"

hey my name is j~ and im from alabama and i had and apointment one time too go see about getting me a grant at the local chamber of commerce and the women told me right off that grants dont exist and i laughed at her and jus told her she was wrong cuzz i felt like she was i know ppl thats got grants and all that stuff soo all im askin is were can i go in north alabama too get a grant ive looked every ware and really dont know were to look can u tell me?

Thank you for your email.

Since researching and finding grants is what I do I can tell you that they do definitely exist and I have noted more than one example of grant recipients on my page.

However the problem with your email is that you don't specify what type of grant you are looking for and you don't even say what the grant is for.  To give you a good example my latest client is a single mother that wants to start a daycare service in her home.  I am halfway through the 30 day period and I have already found at least 3 grant programs that she is eligible to apply for and that is because I know the basic information of what she is looking for because as a client she is required to fill out the basic questions that I ask of all of my clients.  These questions appear here:

When you start looking for grant programs that you will be eligible to apply for you will see that they each have their own guidelines and requirements that have to be met before you can actually submit your request. 

There is no one place that has grants.  It will depend on what you will want the grant funding for.

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