Sunday, February 19, 2006

Grant Myth #1 - There are no grants to pay bills. WRONG!

The best example of this would be utility bills - especially heating bills!  Did you know that just a few days ago I was listening to a local radio program and the guest was a represenative of a organization that helps people with helping to pay their utility bills.  There was no advertising for this program, no announcements, flyers, etc.,....I just happened to be listening when it was announced that they would be one in a few minutes.  The thing that stood out the most about this guest was their genuine interest in people contacting them to find out what kinds of programs were available to them.  What were some of the programs?  Well one program totally forgives the back balance of your heating bill PROVIDED pay a monthly amount for a period of months!  And that was just one of the programs they mentioned!  There is an actual program that will provide an assessment of your home's status as far as making it more heating efficient.  This program also includes repairs and even replacement of your heating system at no cost to you.  That includes the cost of the system and installation!  Again at no cost to you.  This is not just a local program because it is available in many areas!  And again this is just but one example of this kind of program.  Last year alone in my own area over 5,000 people were able to use this program!  There are also funding programs that help with other utility-related bills such as phone and water.

So if you don't think that these kinds of programs exist just tell that to the people that have already used this program!

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