Saturday, February 18, 2006

Getting Discouraged?

One of my interests is astrology.  I can read and prepare charts and have done so for myself and others.  I also participate in some of the online discussion groups and mailing lists.  One particular message got my attention because it was from a woman who was seeking advice about astrology as a career.  I was surprised by the number of responses that told her to essentially "forget about it".  It made me kind of angry because they were basically telling her that she should forget about pursuing something that she really likes to do.

So what I did was to find some astrologers who were online and who were (more importantly) making money from their astrology business.  I found quite a few of them and sent out emails explaining the situation and basically asking for encouraging words for this woman.  I got a lot of great information and advice sent back to me.  One astrologer said her business works because she MAKES her business work!

I have also read about a woman that has an astrology reading business because she does reading for people's pets!  Another astrologer got a grant to compose astrological charts of serial killers! 

Lets say you wanted to start your own astrology business.  Number one you will have to have customers.  One of the best way to get customers is to show them that you know what you are doing.  How do you do that?  How about making yourself your first customer?  Do readings on yourself and post your results on your website.  You can also do an offline version of this and put it in the form of a newsletter or flyer. 

There is also related work that you can do.  For example you can write articles for an astrology magazine or publication.  Heck, you can start one of your own and accept advertising from others.  You can design astrology-related art, poetry, stories.........There are just so many income-producing possibilities that you can do!

So don't get discourage - get going!

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