Wednesday, May 06, 2009

...Making $6,000 A Month!

I was watching an episode of Dr. Phil today and it was about getting help with one's financial situation(s).

There was one couple profiled who were in a lot of financial debt a few years ago. They had maxed out on their credit cards and they were having a lot of financial problems! Fast-forward to the present and the wife is making $6,000 a month working online being a virtual assistant! You can do some checking online but basically being a virtual assistant means that you are providing help to other via being online and on the internet. For example you can provide tutoring services to others, you can provide secretarial services as well. There was also a mention of how the wife also had an Ebay business as well.

I'm sorry to say that I forgot what it was that they husband does but he also works from home and he works online as well.

This means that both of the couple are working from home and making a good salary for themselves when just a short time ago they were having very serious financial problems.

This is just another very good example of one (actually two people) being able to work from home and make a living from it!

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