Saturday, May 16, 2009

"How Can My Band's Site Be More Profitable?"

"How can I make bands website come off as profitable and stable?
Right now I am learning HTML but I want to know what else is really needed to have a website come off as profitable and stable. This is for a bands website.

It depends on what you mean by "have a website come off as profitable and stable" - what are you talking about?

Do you want to make a profit from the website for your band? Do you want your site to look professional? Are you talking about selling stuff as far as your band goes? You can show pictures of what your band has to sell, take payments via paypal. You can also add adsense ads to your site as well. You earn money when people click on the ads.

A lot of bands have myspace pages but you can't add adsense ads to myspace pages but you CAN have both a myspace and a regular website.

Your band could also get sponsors and advertisers of their own.

You could also start a podcast/talkshow featuring your band - all for free!

There are a lot of free ways to make your site profitable but you have to do the work and not just build a site and then do nothing else to it.


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Rose said...

Thanks for the comment about my blog. I try to blog about information that other people will find useful and hopefully profitable as well.

You may not see a blog post every day but when you do - hopefully it will be information that you can use!