Tuesday, August 12, 2008

3D Graphics Designer?

I think that my career as a 3d graphics designer is way, way in the future but it is still a fun thing to do! Right now this is a hobby for me and you can read more about it on my The 3D Beginner blog.

It may be a hard thing to believe but lots of people have turned their hobbies into successful careers!

I have some information on my Dream Job Consultation site about how one could take a program that they already have installed on their computer and turn that into a career that you can work from home.

The above render I made with a 3d program called Daz Studio. The program was available as a free download and for a free download it is quite a very powerful program!

Could one use this program as a career that they could start from home? The answer is a most definite YES!

If you are already a 3d artist then it really goes without saying that having this program could definitely be useful as an added tool for your career! (And you should know that as a grant researcher I have found that there are quite a number of grant programs for artists!)

But it's not just this program, but there are lots of free programs available for download all over the Internet! You could download and use one of them to start your very own successful career that you can start working from home with!

Even if you have a hobby that isn't related to a free downloadable program, you should know that lots of people have turned their hobbies into a successful and profitable career!

You may not think that any hobby of yours could be turned into a successful career but you would be wrong!

Just remember that there is someone out there who is doing your hobby and they have managed to turn it into a successful career of their own!

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