Monday, January 21, 2008

Do You Still Want To Be Able To Work From Home?

When I first started this blog about working from home there were not a lot of legitimate companies that were hiring people to work from home. I only knew of 2 such companies and I recommended them to my clients all the time!

However there is now an increasing number of companies (legitimate companies) that are looking for and hiring people who will work from their own home.

Some of these work at home opportunities consist of:

  • you providing customer service for a company that is representing a number of legitimate businesses

  • working as agents in sales, technical support and customer service

  • working as virtual assistants who perform a variety of administrative and other business tasks from your home for clients

Please be aware that if you are seriously considering working from home, you should prepare yourself! You should research a company before you apply for a position to ensure it's legitimate. A little homework can help you avoid the many scams out there.

You also should make sure that you have the right computer equipment. Some of the things that you should consider adding to your home office include having a high-speed Internet connection, mobile phone, printer and other related items.

If you would like a listing of these "Work At Home" companies you can submit a $20 payment via the "Buy Now" button on the side of this blog.

Please specify that you want to pay for the "Working From Home" company list!

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