Sunday, January 26, 2014

Help Me To Get My Dream Job

Hey rose.. im a student in the national institute of technology in india.. Actually i wanted to go for fashion designing but my parents dint allow as im a good student according to them i must know they are more concerned about job security types of jobs n all.,though they are right at their part..

Well., my friends say that i have an amazing fashion knowlege n all the latest updates.i help them choose their outfits,and also design their clothes. So..Actually i want a part time online job ,where i can send my designs according to the customers need. Can u plzz help me,i seriously need this.. Please respond.. N ur blog was superb. :) thank you. :)

If you are really serious about getting a job in fashion design I would suggest that you create a blog for yourself. At the very least this is a good starting point for you to get your name out there and on the internet. Second build up a portfolio of what you have done and shop it around both online and offline. I did some preliminary searching online and found out that there are many sites that provide valued information for those (including you) that want to have a design business of their own. So doing a little online searching will bring you information about the type of career that you want.

There even may be the possibility that you can get a grant for fashion designing! There is one organization that has a $25,000 grant for a fashion designer and to even help them prepare a runway show in New York! You may be eligible for that. The biggest question to ask your self is how badly do you want to be a fashion designer. Do you want it bad enough to put in the time to find the information that you will need to get started?

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