Thursday, April 26, 2012

How Do You Get Started Working From Home?

Here is a question that I received in my email:

My name is J and I just came across your site. I was wondering if you would have any information about how to get started working from home and where to get jobs (mainly writing)?

First of all thank you for your email!

Well I am a firm believer in taking what you love and turning that into a business but a lot of people don't want to go that way. They are looking for fast and easy ways to make money on the Internet but sometimes those "fast" ways are not the best ways! If you take something that you love to do and are able to sell that online then this is a very good way to start making money online.

A lot of people have found success at using Google's Adsense program to make money online. You can read about how much money some people have made with the Adsense program by clicking here. You can also find out more about the Adsense program by clicking here. Basically what the Adsense program is about is that you set up a website or blog, join the Adsense program and then place ads on your site. When visitors to your site click on these ads - that is where you earn money.

Another new thing that I am noticing is that there are a lot of sites that now have job openings for blog writers. I have seen a lot of these sites cropping up now and they list job opportunities for blog writers. Some of the pay is good and - unfortunately - some of it is not!

If you are interested in finding some blog-writing jobs, just do some searching online and you will find lots of links to different sites that are offering this BUT you have to be very careful when you investigate these sites because you want to make sure that these sites are legitmate!


Anonymous said...

Great blog! Keep it up! Love to hear other people's success stories regarding blogging.

workathomemom said...

I think that as long as you have a passion for the thing you are doing (work wise) you'll be successful. Writing is probably the best way to make money online. There are so many content mills that will pay you to write for them and if you save samples and get a website (and maybe even hire Rose to design it)you could get private clients that pay more. I read a blog where this writer was earning $3000 a month just by writing online! How awesome is that? I wish I were a writer but I found my niche so I'm happy. :)

Rose said...

Yes it is pretty awesome! But just another great example of how one can legitimately work from home and earn money from it!