Thursday, April 05, 2012

Have You Ever Thought About Teaching Music Online?

Here is another great working from home idea and that idea is to teach music - online!

Do you know that there is someone who actually became a millionaire just by teaching music online!

Again this is a very good example of someone who used their passion as their career!

You might be thinking how you could be able to teach someone online how to play music but it is something that can be done (and is being done now).

How could you teach music online? Well here are a few ideas. You can create and record lesson plans and sell those lesson plans in CD form or you could upload them to a website of your own and sell them that way.

You could also start a related newsletter and either charge for it or charge advertisers to advertise on it.

If anything, the fact that one person chose this kind of career and was actually able to become a millionaire by pursuing his passion, this should be something that can both motivate and inspire you into action!


workathomemom said...

This is what I have always wanted my son to do. He's only 14 right now but he's a pianist(7yrs) and guitarist(4yrs) so I am hoping that by the time he's 18, he'll be ready to teach music from home while he's going to college. I think this is a great idea!

Rose said...

Yes I think its a great idea too and its something that I thought wasn't even possible until I saw an online article about it so I guess its really true about what they say when they say that you are only limited by your imagination!

And apparently there are people who are making a good living at it too!