Friday, August 12, 2011

Can You Make Money From Home With Your Blog?

Here is a copy of an email that I received:

Hi Rose,

Can you type?

If so, why are you working 9-5? This company needs people everyday to type from home.

Visit here to see if you qualify.


  • Do you have basic typing skills?

  • Reliable work habits.

  • Simple computer experience.
You could even make up to $100 or more per day . Type Your Way To Good Money
You really have to be careful when you get emails such as this one. Have I made money from home with my blog(s)? The answer is yes - but I have come to do it the more old-fashioned way. I make money with my blog by using the Google Adsense program, getting advertisers for my blog and I have earned money from my blog because it connects to what I do which is grant research and potential clients have found me via my blogs. If it can happen to me then it could happen for you too! But you are never going to know unless you try! So go ahead and start that blog!


Michelle said...

Yes, they all make it sound so great don't they? :-)lol
I have been blogging for a while and haven't hit even a $100 a month. I still blog but not for the money but just because I like to do it. I have started a home based business instead- better money and certainty. You can't live on less than $100 a month no matter how frugal you are.
Thanks for the great information

Rose said...

You may be surprised at the number of people who try to live on $100 a month - it may be hard but not impossible.

I am glad that you were able to find a home-based business that you like and I hope that your comment encourages other people who want to be able to work from home.

You might want to take a look at The Adsense Consultant's Blog to find out more about the Google Adsense program and read more about how people are making money with their blogs.

Don't give up though on the idea of making (more) money with your blog - you never know what could happen! There are so many examples around that I hope will encourage you. One person's blog sold for over one million dollars! People are getting direct advertisers for their blog which pay even more than adsense does - so please don't give up hope!

Michelle said...

Hey Rose,
Thanks for your great response :-)
No matter how I tried I wouldn't be able to make it on $100 a month what with property tax, car insurance, lights, heat, etc. there is no way $100 would cover that.
Boy, would I LOVE to have a blog that would sell for a million dollars! :-))
Ok, I will keep posting and see what happens. Thanks again:-)

Elvira said...

Yeah it looks difficult for me to get hits to my blog, besides i am not yet been approved by adsense. So am really not sure whether i would be able to earn any money with it. But thats ok, i would do blogging and will not give up. Even i am trying to find some home based business opportunity for me to earn enough income for a month.

Rose said...

Well the first thing that comes to my mind is to not consider this as the only way to make money. It's one idea in which there are a sea of ideas!

Secondly I don't think that people's whose blogs have sold for a lot of money started their blog thinking that they would sell for so much - they started their blogs for themselves.

So you never, never know.......

online jobs without investment said...

..yes u can make money with your blog..if u r blogging about what u like..

Rose said...

Again you will never know until you try! When you are first starting a blog you may want to drive more traffic to it. I have a stats tracker on my sites to see where my traffic is coming from and half of my traffic comes from the search engines!

I was just watching Oprah the other day and she said that she was so surprised that she was making so much money for being herself - and I think that this is what you should do - that is find something that you are passionate about and turn it into a business. So many people are earning money online doing what they love that I'm sure you should be able to find something that is legitimate

gagreeel said...

Well, but in the last two yeas --who is making money blogging?

Rose said...

I really have to disagree with your comment. Although it is true that you can make money with your blog when you blog about something you love, it is also true that people have been making money with their blogs when they do it a certain way. For example some people will create blogs with content matter relating to high-paying ad words. That way they earn more money per click with their blog when they are using Adsense and higher-paying Adsense keyowrds.

You can find out more about this by visiting The Adsense Consultant's Blog

Rose said...

There are still a lot of people who are making money blogging - me included so there are still lots and lots of people who are making money by blogging. Perhaps you should visit The Adsense Consultant's Blog if you want to read some tips that should help you make money - even more money with your blog.

Lee-Ann said...

I remember getting emails like that. Heck when I started posting a couple videos to youtube I was getting inbox messages like that from youtube people. Its sad how people try to scam and suck you in... I know all to well from experience what to watch out for most of the time.

Rose said...

I just think that it is very hard! A lot of people want to be able to work from home and they read about how people are making so much money from home that they want to get started right away - they want to make money fast - and they fall prey to scammers because they really don't take the time to check them out to make sure that they are legitimate.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
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Rose said...

Actually I would advise you to start with one of the free blog sites either WordPress or As you go along you will know whether or not you will want to go to one of the paid blogging sites.

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