Friday, March 04, 2011

Have You Ever Thought Of Becoming A Blog Content Writer?

Have you ever thought of becoming a blog content writer? It is exactly what the name says - you write content for other peoples' blogs.

This is a perfect example of a job that you would be able to work from home!

Basically speaking what you would be doing is writing content for other peoples' blogs. Let's say you have an area of expertise - you could share your knowledge on a blog that is related to that expertise.

It doesn't even have to be an area of expertise. It can be something that you are just interested in either as a hobby or just a personal interest.

Of course one of the main steps in having your own business is that you have to let people know that you are out there. How do you do that? Well you set up a website or blog yourself. In fact if your site becomes very popular you may get inquiries from others who might ask you to guest-post on their blog or website.


Vicki said...

Writing content for blogs is a great idea especially since fresh content will always be needed everywhere on the internet. Some people don't enjoy writing and really appreciate being able to outsource this kind of project. I share your love of working from home!

Rose said...

I definitely agree with you! Fresh content is always needed and the best thing about it is that if you have some expertise with something there's probably a blog out there that could use your expertise. And best of all you can do this kind of work from home.

Tony said...

I was actually thinking about it, I been reading a lot of reviews and what not about it. Thanks for the article it was very useful to me.


Rose said...

It's just another great example of another way that one can be able to work from home. I have even done a bit of it myself and earned some money from it so it is just another great way to be able to earn money from home and it is something that is very legitimate.

Bill @ Work At Home Affiliate said...

Just having the freedom and being able to work the hours you want, is good enough reason to work as a blog writer

Rose said...

I very much agree with you! I think that blog writing is just the tip of the iceberg - so to speak. It can lead to so many things!

legit online jobs review said...

Content is king for any website or blog, I don't care what anyone else say they are wrong.