Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Plant Studio?

PlantStudio is a 3D graphics program that creates - what else - plants!

Here you see a picture of a pink rose that I created using this program. Then I got to thinking that others might be interested in having a copy of this object. (If you would like to download your own free copy of this object just click here.)

So I decided to make different variations of the pink rose

and offer them for sale!

Not only can the pink rose objects be downloaded but the original file from Plant Studio can also be downloaded as well.

Now you may think "Who would be interested in this object?" Right? Well I downloaded the sample pink rose today and so far 2 people have already downloaded it!

How does this related to working from home?

I have mentioned many times on my Dream Job Consultant site that one of the ways that you can start a business working from home is to take a program that is already on your computer and turn that into a business. What I am doing here with PlantStudio is definitely a good example of this!

What you can do is to start to create different varieties of plants and flowers and then sell them online. There are lots of people that are already doing this on 3d-related sites like Renderosity.com and others. Some people (like myself) are even creating sites of their own and selling their own objects themselves.

Hopefully this will encourage you to start looking around on your computer to see what programs that you have that you can use to start your own business.

You can also check out some of my other 3d art by going to my blog, The 3D Beginner.


poster orignial said...

I think every one is need of downloading plants pictures and they are the reflection of nature. I have love for plants especially rose plant

Rose said...

Actually I have an actual model of the rose plant that people can download. But your comment has given me an idea - even selling pictures of roses is a good idea that one can use to start a business from home! There are lots of artists who make their living by working at home - some of them even have a studio in their own home! I love that!

There are lots of artists here on the internet that offers various pictures of roses and flowers - they have them available for free download and a lot of people do download them!

I love rose plants too and even have some growing outside of my own home!

I will post more rose-related pictures here!

workfromhomeHQ said...

I love your lateral thinking... offering something unique is a great way to earn extra income from home especially if you want to try to sell your products on ebay. The pictures are gorgeous and I hear there is quite a market for art on ebay. Thanks for the tip!

Rose said...

Yes I am quite familiar with Ebay but it just seems that Ebay is not the way it used to be. I haven't used it in quite a long time but it is a place that I would still recommend to those who want to earn some extra money online.

Rose said...

You can find out more about my 3d models by clicking here.

I have uploaded my first free 3d model and my first 3d object(s) that I am now offering for sale!

Onlinelupe said...

Great Site! I love the plant pictures. The roses look great and I'm sure you'd sell them.
Great Job!

Rose said...

Thanks for your reply. I actually loved making the rose objects but am coming to find out that they require more work than I thought - but I'm still having fun at it and still consider it a "hobby" sort of thing. But I do have a site set up to sell them and I think that's the most important thing - doing something! Who knows where I will go from here!

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Rose said...

I'm sorry to hear that your friend is out of work and that seems to be the story for a lot of people these days! Hopefully she will be able to find something that she can do from home to help bring in more money!