Saturday, April 11, 2009

Are You Good At Designing Blog Templates?

Because if you are you may have a good career ahead of you!

Hi Everybody! I have a BX Error Code Blog and just in case you are wondering....bx error codes are what bloggers are getting when they are trying to work on their blogs that they have at

Some of these bx error codes have to do with bloggers having problems uploading and using new blog templates that they have found online.

BUT there are also a number of people asking around about having a blog template designed specifically for them and that is what made me think of this blog.

If you are good at designing blog templates then this is something that you should definitely be looking into. There certainly seems to be a need for this kind of service.

You can check out the posts about people asking about how they can get customized blog templates designed specifically for them by clicking here.

This is definitely a kind of service that you can provide from working from your home!


Imee said...

I used to design templates for blogger sites, stuff people can just copy & paste then customize to their own liking. I've stopped since I started blogging elsewhere, but it's definitely something you can profit from.

Rose said...

Thanks for commenting!

I hope that people see your comment so that they can see that there are truly good examples of those who have used their talents to earn an income for themselves!