Sunday, November 30, 2008

Blog Consultant?

While I know that the popularity of blogs is growing, what you probably didn't know is that there are people (and companies / businesses) out there that want to hire people to help create blogs for them!

You may have never thought that someone would actually want to pay someone to create a blog for them but some people find that creating and maintaining a blog is a lot more than they can handle!

Take a look at one Blog Consultant's Blog to see an example of a blog consultant.

Comments Received

This is great. I guess this will also create a good opportunity for qualified women that have to work from home.



Rose Anderson said...

Having blogged for a few months now, I am seeing an increase in interest from big companies to hire someone to maintain a blog for them. I guess if the business has the money to pay a writer, it is quite a benefit. The job can be contracted out, freeing up full time employees. Large companies are starting to realize the benefits of blogs and that is a major + for freelance writers!

Joel said...

I think that it is quite important for companies that plan to operate a blog in their name to hire someone to do it properly. While some companies may be lucky to have an experienced writer in house, many would not, and when it comes to creating a blog they really need it to show there best.