Monday, October 27, 2008

Win A Ford Modeling Contract?

I found this information online and since the Ford Modeling Agency is quite a good and legitmate agency, I thought that I would post this information here:

Win a Ford Modeling Contract

MySpace has teamed up with Ford Models for the Next Fresh Faces contest, and you could be the newest addition to Ford's roster! If you're female and 16 or older, visit to enter now. Check out the photo gallery to size up the competition, and subscribe to the video channel for modeling tips and to see what it takes to be a model. Don’t miss the blog for an insider’s look from a Ford agent. Good luck!

There are so few rare and legitimate opportunities out there for aspiring models that when you find a good one it's a good thing to investigate!


Jessica Tamblyn said...

Lots of pretty women competing for this one.

Anonymous said...

Amiable post and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you on your information.

Rose said...

Being a Dream Job Consultant, I can tell you that there are probably LOTS of opportunities like this being offered and a good majority of them are being offered by legitimate companies. There's even a category on my Grant Basics 101 blog about different kinds of contests and competition - including ones relating to modeling! There is definitely a LOT of opportunities - legitimate opportunities - out there for those that want to become a model - no matter what age you are right now!