Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I was reading online about how someone wanted to get into broadcasting and it made me remember my days in radio broadcasting. I was a DJ for about 10 years but since I worked at mostly smaller stations I did a lot of other jobs at the radio stations as well! I was even a receptionist at one time - I really hated that! But it was a stepping stone to my first DJ job.

I believe that radio stations and radio station broadcasting has changed a lot since the time that I was a DJ - although I do think that the more smaller markets still offer some great opportunities for those that want to be in broadcasting.

How did I start my DJ career? Well I went to broadcasting school for about 6 months. Then it took me about 2 years before I got my first radio job! In those 2 years I almost gave up hope but I got that first job because one of my co-students worked there and that's how I got the job there. Like I mentioned above, I started off as being the receptionist.

I kept saying that I wanted to be on the air and it took about a year before I finally did get on the air! There was a DJ that didn't show up and that is when they put me behind the mike! I had been a DJ ever since!

But like I said before, these were smaller radio stations and I did just about everything from producing commercials to repairing some of the equipment!

I mention this because I believe that the radio biz has changed a lot! When I was a DJ we could pick the music that we played as long as it stayed within the realms of the format. I have worked at stations playing everything from gospel/christian music to classic rock 'n roll! Nowadays a lot of the major stations work from a playlist or - more worse - work from a satallite feed from somewhere else! The last radio station that I worked for fired about 90% of its air staff (including me) to broadcast a feed from Califorinia.

I miss those broadcasting days but am reminded that one can be their own broadcaster on the Internet!

If this is something that interests you, it may be more easier to do than you think! I have had an Internet radio station and while it was not free it did cost about $100 a year and if you can "swing" that then you might want to take a look at Live365.com.

You could also start your own podcast which would be like having your own talk show! There are some good (and free) podcast hosting sites online. Just do a search for them and you should find some good links to get you started!

Having a podcast is like having your own talkshow and you could also consider it comparable to having your own audio blog as well.

You never know who may be listening or where that next big (and profitable) opportunity may come from!


Free Magazine Subscriptions said...

well now DJ and RJ are fun job to work.

Chris Gerard said...

Sorry to hear about the layoff. I think local radio is in the process of making a comeback. The homogeneous satellite feeds cannot compete against local radio done well.

Glad you found the web radio medium...I've had a lot of fun building a webcast station at a small Christian college in the last few years. www.bethelpilotradio.com has received hits from 37 states and 23 countries this year.

Rose said...

Thank you for your comments. Actually I'm kind of glad that I was "let go" because I wouldn't be where I am today. Of course I didn't feel that way at the time but now with podcasting I can reach so many more people and I have the freedom to put what I want on my podcasts. Here is a link to one of my podcasts about Grants and Government Grants.

I agree that local stations are much, much better than the big conglomerates out there and I still listen to one of my local community stations. Unfortunately another community station that I used to listen to is no more because they changed their format to something else - the station was bought by someone else. Makes me think of starting my own little local station! And with the Internet it just makes it more possible to do. I don't think that I would want to work for a big, conglomerate station anymore but am encouraged by the fact that there are still small, local radio stations that are still scattered about!