Wednesday, July 09, 2008

"Do What You Love And The Money Will Follow?"

Here is a good example of that saying!

Ever heard of Paula Deen? She has (amongst other things) a cooking show on the Food Network!

All in all it comes down to one thing - Paula Deen loves to cook and it shows!

She didn't start out as an overnight sensation - quite the contrary the people at the Food Network felt that she wouldn't be able to draw in a large audience because of the way she looked - boy were they wrong!

Now I know you may be saying sure there are a lot of people that love to cook and they don't have Paula Deen's success and my answer to you would be "Well why don't they have her success?"

Basically speaking Paula Deen got her start when she started making sandwiches. She started off with $200. Her sandwiches became a success and that success allowed her to open a restaurant and then Oprah came a-calling and that was the start of Paula Deen's success!

Besides having a show on the Food Network, Paula Deen has written cook books, has a line of other products and I'm told that the house she lives in is quite big!

So what is it that you LOVE to do?

Can you turn that into a business of your own?

For more information about Paula Deen you can click here.

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